Supporting Small Boutique Fashion Brands and Ensuring Genuine Made in the UK Products

The Fashion Boutique Cookstown

Small boutique fashion brands allow you to express your individual personality, rather than blending in with the crowd by wearing something that is already on every high street. They also often champion quality and only work with labels who make their products in the UK using materials that aren’t harmful to the environment.

Made in the UK

In the early 1800’s Cookstown was a small but robust town. There were good building works taking place including the new Killymoon Castle, Derryloran Parish Church and Lissan Rectory.

The Made in the UK label is a trusted mark by people right through the supply chain. Distributors use it on their email signatures and letterhead, while retailers look for it on garment labels. Retailers like it because it shows that they’re supporting British manufacturing, and consumers love it because it helps them find high quality products.

However, the spectrum for what can be labelled as Made in the UK is extremely wide. A company that imports raw materials and then makes something in Britain can still claim the mark, as long as they pass a “substantial change” test. This has diluted the credibility of the mark and led to confusion for shoppers. It also makes it easier for counterfeiters to enter the market. The solution is to increase the requirements for the mark, so that only truly British manufacturers can use it.

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